Montabella Mustangs Football

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Mustang Coaching Staff

Varsity Coaching Staff:

Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator:                        Shaun Balhorn


Asst. Coach/Defensive Coordinator:                        James Wernette           

              Running Backs/Linebackers

Asst. Coach/Off. Lineman/Def. Lineman                    Rob DuVall

Junior Varsity Coaching Staff:

Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator:                        Jim Weber

              Off. lineman/Defensive Lineman

Asst. Coach/Defensive Coordinator:                        Jon Crowley                   

              Running Backs/Def. Backs

Asst. Coach/Tight Ends/Linebackers:                        Nick Main                    

Middle School Coaching Staff:

Head Coach:                                                  Jeramee Gilman

Asst. Coach:                                                  Brady Burrgren

Asst. Coach:                                                  Josh Thesein

Asst. Coach:                                                  Alex Faber

What Coaches Expect From Players

1. Commitment

  • Be Loyal To Everyone In The Football Program.
  • Sacrifice Yourself For The Team.
  • Accept Your Role And How It Can Help The Team Win.
  • Play For Your Teammates And Respect Your Teammates That Are Playing For You.

2. Effort

  • Only Your Best Is Good Enough.

3. Attitude.

  • Blame No One, Except Nothing, Do Something.

4. Obtain A Valuable Education.

5. Be A Peak Performer.

  • Practice And Play To Your Maximum Potential At All Times.

6. Be Completely Honest

7. Develop Yourself As A Total Person.

  • We Want Men Not Players

Coaches assumptions of players:

1.  Players want to be a better person. (Character)

2.  Players genuinely want to be the best player you can be. (Willingness to sacrifice short-term goals for long range goals)

3.  Players want to be part of a championship team. (understand that team success is predicated on the players and coaches working toward the same goal)

4.  Players will all be dedicated to the same goal.

Every football team is going to cry.

-Some will cry during the off season workouts from pain.

-Some will cry because they missed partying with their friends

while attending a camp or workout session.

-Some will cry when the season is over after not making the playoffs or reaching their goals.

Players Assumptions of coaches/football:

  1. Football is fun and since we won before, we do not need to work hard.
  2. Coaches enjoy punishing players.
  3. Coaches are only here for the paycheck.